Our Mission

The mission of the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry is to educate SF State students in the essential principles and practices of chemistry and biochemistry, and to inspire our students to reach their personal and professional goals as they become the next generation of scientists, scientific professionals and scientifically-literate individuals.

We are committed to providing access to scientific careers to students from all backgrounds. Instructors in our Department use a variety of classroom, guided inquiry and hands-on laboratory experiences to create a comprehensive approach to science education, supporting students as they gain the knowledge, proficiency, skills and confidence to be productive in a variety of chemistry, biochemistry and related careers. The faculty in our department are research-active and engage in the discovery of new knowledge. Our students have the opportunity to work alongside faculty on independent research projects to contribute to the discovery and communication of that knowledge.

We strive in all interactions between faculty, lecturers, students and staff to promote our core values:  scholarship, critical thinking, open-mindedness, independence, scientific curiosity, ethics, collaboration and diversity. Recognizing that our students are driven by a desire to help solve the many problems facing the world and to give back to their communities, we empower our students to engage as successful citizens in ethical applications of scientific skills and knowledge for the benefit of society.