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Kent Lau

Phone: 415-405-0315
Location: SCI-100


B.A. (1985) San Francisco State U
M.S. (1988) U of San Francisco
Ph.D. (1995) City U of Hong Kong

Research/Specialty Area: Analytical Chemistry and Physical Inorganic Chemistry

  •     Intervalence electron transfer in dimer ruthenium complexes;
  •     Kinetics study of the reductions of ruthenium di-oxo complexes by inorganic substrates;
  •     Analyses of hazardous chemicals in various consumer products and environmental samples (water and waste);
  •     Durability study of concrete structure and material tests.

Courses taught:

CHEM 100, CHEM 101, CHEM 102, Chem 115, CHEM 215, Chem 216 and Chem 322.