Weiming Wu

Weiming Wu

At SF State since 1995
Phone: (415) 338-1436
Email: wuw@sfsu.edu
Location: TH 640


B.S. (1986) Nanjing Univ., Chemistry
Ph.D. (1992) Univ. of Illinois, Chemistry

Research Areas: Bioorganic Chemistry and Enzymology

Our research group is interested in the investigation of enzymatic mechanisms through model systems and in the design, synthesis, and study of enzyme substrate analogs. These analogs are designed to elucidate the catalytic mechanism of biologically important enzymes. The possibility of these analogs being developed as medicinal agents will also be investigated. Current interests concern an enzyme in the nucleic acid biosynthetic pathway, orotidine-5'-monophosphate decarboxylase.


Ge, Y.; He, Z.; Wu, W. “Methods of Inhibiting Cyanobacteria by Administering Gramine Derivatives”, US Patent 8,945,397 B2.

Publications (last ten years)

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“A Gcn5-related N-acetyltransferase (GNAT) that selectively acetylates