Taro Amagata

Taro Amagata

At SF State since 2008
Phone: (415) 338-7713
Email: amagata@sfsu.edu
Location: TH 641


B.S. (1993) Osaka University of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Japan.
M.S. (1995) Osaka University of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Japan.
Ph.D. (1998) Osaka University of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Japan.

Marine Natural Products Chemistry

Marine invertebrates such as sponges and tunicates have given continuous global attention as sources for pharmaceutical leads over the past three decades. Interestingly, recent studies have disclosed some of bioactive substances separated from marine invertebrates are produced by microorganisms. My research group focuses on exploring anti-cancer and anti-malaria potential leads from marine obligate microorganisms separated from marine sediments, algae and sponges. In my group, isolation of novel bioactive secondary metabolites is performed using concise and sophisticated methods employing a combination of a yeast halo assay and cutting edge dereplication techniques. My group also plans to perform medicinal chemistry and to identify gene clusters for promising bioactive compounds through collaborative research. 


[original articles, a total of 33]

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[review article]

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