CM-8d: pH Effects of Hb and O2 Binding

You had to know that pH was going to show up at some point, right? Here it is! (Previously recorded)

Time - 11:47

CM-8a: Hemoglobin and O2 Binding

So we've talked about the structure of Hb, so now let's look at its function. The plot thickens! (Previously recorded)

Time - 9:52

CM-7e: Hemoglobin Conformations

Now we really get to see how structure can really contribute to function. (Previously recorded)

Time - 15:45

CM-7d: Hemoglobin Structure

There are some similarities between the two, but Hb is different structurally. (Previously recorded)

Time - 8:00

CM-7c: Hemoglobin (Introduction)

Let's look at Mb's more complicated relative, Hb. (Previously recorded)

Time - 13:14

CM-7b: The Mathematics of Mb and O2 Affinity, Part 2

Now that we're all caught up, let's continue looking at the math that describes the process of Mb binding to O2. (This one's a little longer than usual) - (Previously Recorded)

Time - 18:47

CM-7a: Catching Up

Let's catch up. (Previously Recorded)

Time - 5:03

CM-6e: The Mathematics of Mb and O2 Affinity, Part 1

Ok, so we now what Mb does, but how do we quantify it? Here's how. (Previously Recorded)

Time - 12:57

CM-6d: Myoglobin

Myoglobin is our "case study" for ligand binding. (Previously recorded)

Time - 13:17

CM-6c: Oxygen Binding Proteins

Our first case will be the oxygen binding proteins. Let's discuss them in a general sense first. (Previously recorded)

Time - 10:30