End of Semester Schedule

So the end of the semester is upon us. Here's the plan.

Time - 3:13

CM-18F: AA Derivatives

You'd be surprised about some of the things made from amino acids. (Previously recorded)

Time - 9:27

CM-18E: Regulation of the Urea Cycle

We build it, we break it, we regulate it. Have you noticed the pattern?

Time - 1:36

CM-18D: Energetics of the Urea Cycle

What's the energy cost of this cycle?

Time - 8:49

CM-18C: Chemistry of the Urea Cycle

You know we have to look at the chemistry of the urea cycle. This is a chemistry class, right??

Time - 15:45

CM-18B: The Urea Cycle (Overview)

The citric acid cycle isn't the only circular metabolic pathway. Let's learn about the urea cycle!
Time - 4:56

CM-18A: Fates of Carbon Skeletons

Ok, the amine has been handled. Now what happens to the rest, the carbon skeletons? (Previously recorded)

Time - 6:42

CM-17D: Ammonia Transport

Wait…ammonia's toxic. How do we get the ammonia out? (Previously recorded)

Time - 13:03

CM-17C: AA Catabolism

Let's start looking at the details. (Previously recorded)

Time - 6:25

CM-17B: Acquisition of Dietary AAs

Protein shakes! It's not really about the protein, but their amino acids. (Previously recorded)

Time - 16:31