The Baird Lab

Manipulating proteases, so you don't have to.

CM20-D: AA Derivatives

You'd be surprised about some of the things made from amino acids.

Time - 9:27

CM20-C: Energetics of the Urea Cycle

What's the energy cost of this cycle?

Time - 7:31

CM20-B: Regulation of the Urea Cycle

We build it, we break it, we regulate it. Have you noticed the pattern?

Time - 3:51

CM20-A: Chemistry of the Urea Cycle-Part 2

Let's finish up this sequence of events.

Time - 8:22

CM19-D: Chemistry of the Urea Cycle-Part 1

You know we have to look at the chemistry of the urea cycle. This is a chemistry class, right??

Time - 8:55