Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

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SFSU Chem/Biochem Department

Advising  -  M.S. Chemistry
Advising  -  M.S. Chemistry-Concentration Biochemistry

There are three sources of advising for graduate students in the M.S. CHEM and M.S. CHEM(BIOCHEM) degree programs: (a) the graduate coordinator, (b) Chemistry & Biochemistry department faculty, and (c) SFSU Graduate Studies

(a) Graduate Coordinator.  The graduate coordinator can help students with general course and career planning, M.S. program requirements, and university requirements and forms.  Below is a list of documents that are required as part of the M.S. degree. It is important that M.S. students use the most up-to-date SFSU forms.  For a complete list of forms, please visit the forms section of the Graduate Studies web page.
  1. Proposal for a Culminating Experience (PCE form) (link).  The PCE form is due and must be approved the semester prior to enrollment in the Culminating Experience course (either CHEM 895 or 898).
  2. Advancement to Candidacy (ATC form) (link).  The ATC form, along with the PCE form, is due and must be approved the semester prior to enrollment in the Culminating Experience course (either CHEM 895 or 898)..
  3. Application for Graduation (link).  At the beginning of the semester that a student intends to graduate and Application for Graduation must be submitted to SFSU Graduate Studies. 

(b) Chemistry & Biochemistry Department Faculty.  Department faculty can provide students with course, research project, and career advising. In addition, they can aid students in building their professional network and research portfolio which will help them pursue their longer-term career/intellectual goals. Department faculty play a critical role for our M.S. students as they constitute the 3-person thesis and research committee which is typically composed of the research mentor plus two additional faculty.

(c) SFSU Graduate Studies.  The Graduate Studies office at SFSU helps advise students on university guidelines, deadlines, and procedures to ensure students meet the minimum requirements for the M.S degree.  Please visit the Graduate Studies help desk (GradStop, ADM 250) for routine questions or to submit completed university forms.  It is also strongly recommended that M.S. students make a habit of visiting the SFSU